Nifty Fifty Blogfest Reminder

Posted 16th February 2011 by Anstice in / 🗨3 Comments

Just a quick reminder about my Nifty Fifty Blogfest. It takes place on the 26th Feb which means there’s only 10 days left to go! Sadly I haven’t had any entries so far, but I’d really love it if you’d join me because:
a) It’s my first ever blogfest
b) I think it could be a lot of fun
c) You might win a prize! I have a Bodleian Library Everyday Journal to give away.

To find out more about the blogfest contest and to enter, please click here.


3 responses to “Nifty Fifty Blogfest Reminder

  1. I signed up and I'll mention it on my blog in my next post (probably Monday). Colene and I are hosting a St. Patty's Day blogfest next month, too.

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