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A Blogger’s Journal from Paperchase

Posted 11th February 2018 by Tizzy Brown in Products & Gifts / 🗨13 Comments

A Blogger's Journal from PaperchaseOne of my greatest weaknesses is stationary and in particular, I cannot resist a good notebook. I have separate notebooks dedicated to almost every area of my life, all of them themed. Yes, I should probably combine them into one all-purpose notebook like bullet journalers do, but the truth is I’m just not a one notebook kinda girl. There are too many great designs not to use them all!

My latest find was ‘A Blogger’s Journal‘ from Paperchase. It’s a notebook to help you plan and track everything for your blog, including upcoming posts, social media strategy and goals for the year. I thought I’d give you a peek inside before I scribble all over it!


A Blogger's Journal Goals page from Paperchase

This is the goals page, which has a space for monthly, weekly and daily goals, as well as the main goal of your blog.


A Blogger's Journal the blog page from Paperchase

On this page, you can record details of what your blog is all about and what you are hoping to achieve. It’s a good way to keep yourself focused. As you can see, I’ve made a start on this already. 


The Blogger's Journal Sharing Page

On the sharing page, you can list blogs and groups to follow and sites to share your posts. There’s also space for a to-do list and a list of things to share.


The Blogger's Journal Build Followers Page

The Build Followers page lets you list ideas for growing the audience of your blog. I had a lot of ideas for this page.


A Blogger's Journal stats page

This space is for recording the stats of your top posts.


A Blogger's Journal new blog post page

There are pages to help you plan ideas for your next blog post. I wish there were more of these, though!


A Blogger's Journal Calendar

At the back of the journal, there are blank monthly calendars for planning your blog posts and events.


A Blogger's Journal Ideas Page

There’s also lots of blank space for brainstorming ideas/brain dumping.


All of the pages are repeated several times, so there is plenty of space to record your ideas, even if you own more than one blog. So far, I like the look of this journal and am really excited to start using it to plan ideas for new blog posts and record important things I want to remember.

A Blogger’s Journal is available from Paperchase at £8.00. Also, the pen was a £2 bargain from The Works and I’m in love. I wanted to get another blue one but they were all sold out. 🙁   


Before you go…

How do you organise your blog ideas or other creative hobbies? Do you have a journal or do you use another method? Let me know in the comments!

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